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is not a space for presentation, but for research      is not an institution, but a laboratory

     care ~ for yourself and others ~ is its

  fundamental nutrient, it perceives apathy

as danger

through care and sharing it gets to know itself    and its surroundings thoroughly

   and more gently, care as criticism,

    sharing as a breach of established structures

     it perceives practice as a collective process,

   not as a result of brilliance of the individual,

 artistry then becomes relating (to),

not creating

   it shares a possible reality fed with the artistic process and opens doors to magic worlds

         The seahorse communicates its emotions

       and intentions through changing its color.

    Change is our fundamental trait,


   we don’t try to stay the same,

     our outer form reflects our inner processes,

       our body is performative.

         Our physical structure doesn’t allow us

         to fight predators, and so we use camouflage,

        there is no need to constantly fight,

       we are able to survive within our fragility

     without having to pretend to be heroes or hunters.
   We wait, we collect, we absorb food,

  which we don’t store nor hord,

 we don’t have a stomach,

 we are constantly in progress/in the process.

We no longer have the strength

 to swim against the current,
  our tail gets tangled up in corals,

   we ground ourselves to gain insight – perspective.

   We have two little eyes that can move independently,

   we don’t miss anything even if we wait in the seeming stillness...

 and if we do miss something?
We will uncover other possibilities.


The seahorse is a metaphor for our activities/work.

    Like a seahorse we change colors.

       We are not detached, we search for and react

         to emotions.

          We want to get rid of stereotypical, societal and    institutional structures, prejudice and bias that limit our potential of solidarity.


    Even so we can (and want to) exist!





graduated in theater acting at DAMU in Prague. In her practice she focuses on interdisciplinary artistic research.



kurátor živého umění, dramaturg a kulturní organizátor






Phone: Sára: 731778776

                 Agáta: 776615311 


Plynární 23, Praha 7, 17000, CZ

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