Neurotic & Glitter Subjectivity

Neurotic & Glitter Subjectivity is a docu-fiction theatrical installation based on the text Neurotic & Glitter Subjectivity (diary entries by Ondřej Trhoň). They play with necrosis, rot, vanitas, looper, compost, the motif of a nihilistic feast; they deal with the topic of the ego, self-disclosure, boredom.

Creators: Anna Chrtková, Anna Prstková, Vojta Vávra a Adam Kratochvíl - association under the Bazmek Entertainment platform

Visegrad - Ludomir Franczak

Ludomir Franczak is a multidisciplinary artist working with fine arts, performance and theater. His works have been presented in galleries, public spaces and festivals in Poland and abroad. His main interest is the issue of memory, identity and environmental activism. Through intermedia activities, he creates complex projects using both visual art and history or literature. The project, which is being created in collaboration with Cross Attic, deals with the Dahomey Amazon Gutta, the remains of which are on display in the Hrdliček Museum in Prague. The aim of the project is to find out who Gutta was and simultaneously start a debate on what to do with her exposed skeleton in a postcolonial context.

Visegrad - Dávid Somló

Dávid is an interdisciplinary Hungarian artist living in Budapest. In his work he researches sound, space and interpersonal interactions. He navigates between performance ~ installation ~ intervention mostly in a site-specific context.


At the Visegrad Residence in Cross Attic, he researched quiet sound and non-verbal communication in the dark, whether it was between a performer and a musician, or between the artistic process and the audience

Skupina splněných přání (a group of fullfiled wishes)

Informal formation dealing with the principles of care, cooperation and group relationships.


We wish not to live as individualists - we do not perceive ourselves as complex perfect beings who do not need help and at the same time do not offer help

We want to create and cultivate mutual relationships within an open, long-term group

We want to live in a flock/pack/cloud

We wish to expand our artistic practice beyond the production of works


Initiated by Matyáš Grimmich, Karolína Schön, Sára Märc


HYENAZ (9/2021)

The art duo Kathryn Fischer aka Mad Kate and Adrienne Teicher are based in Berlin. They focus on sound and movement creation. The immersive performances, dance compositions, sound scenes, performative installations and audiovisual works they produce use field recordings collected in the process of site-specific work.





Do you need a space?

Cross Attic is open to artists interested in performative and interdisciplinary creative research and production, as well as to those from the non-artistic public. We offer space in specific spaces and with basic technical equipment. Due to the outdoor temperatures, the place is best inhabited from about March to mid-June and from September to November.


If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a tour and discuss conditions/requirements